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Unlimited True Love


[ Voicing His Love to the Voiceless in the Nations ]


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Do you know this love?

There are no words to describe the depth of your Creators love for you, - it was demonstrated in His life by His death for you!  He triumphed over the result of every lie, every wrong, every injustice and every evil, committed either by your life or at your life.  He loves you so so much dear friend!  Allow His song of freedom and redemption to give you a real new start, a new day, a new you, THE ONE HE ALWAYS MEANT FOR YOU TO BE.



A 180 degree prayer decision

If you are ready to let go and let God show you how much more to life there is than what you have seen, simply repent from living for selfish gain and pray this suggestive prayer: 

“Lord Jesus, thank You for loving me with an everlasting love, for showing me the power of Your love with Your life and paying the price for my sins on the cross.  Please forgive me and cleanse my life of every lie and work of darkness.  Thank You for giving me new life, new identity, Your light!  Change me for Your glory, IN THE MIGHTY BEAUTIFUL NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES, THE KING ABOVE ALL KINGS, THE LORD ABOVE ALL LORDS, AMEN!!!”

Read the Bible, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand it 


(you can begin anywhere but John 1 is a great start) and connect with other believers full of His Holy Spirit, His truth and joy!


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their story

If you have ever doubted miracles are still for today, read on...

Albert and Melodie were each called by the Lord to be missionaries to the nations at the same age of 19 years old, they arrived to live in America as a third continent to them, and they each worshiped the Lord in seven languages, before they met each other - now combining into eleven.  Even the sermons they preached individually in recent years before knowing each other, were identical; sanctification, humility, kingdom mysteries and a heart changed by God.   

Albert was born in a war torn nation in Beirut Lebanon in 1968 and the same year the cult Melodie was born into called: "The Children of God", was founded in California and then moved from USA to Europe - six years later in this group, Melodie was born in the abandoned Paris stock exchange building in 1974 where the COG had relocated to.  Her father was the lead singer singing his original hit parade songs on radio and public television in French and English, interestingly Albert began speaking English at the age of three in a French-speaking culture but born into an Armenian family speaking Arabic, Armenian and some Turkish from his grandparents. 

Albert grew up with four languages and Melodie grew up with four languages.

In 1982 Melodie and her family members moved from the Southern Mediterranean Sea of Cannes/ Grasse, France where they had been living for four years (her first four years of 1974-1982, being in Paris),  to then be in Argentina South America for a total of ten years.  The story gets crazy when you understand that for a short time in the early 80's Albert and Melodie only lived hours apart when Albert moved to the same Mediterranean sea where she lived, to attend an Armenian Catholic Junior High School in Venice Italy! Melodie was even in Italy once during the time Albert lived there.

These two stories so far of Albert and Melodie's lives included very unusual situations for children their age - both in the good adventurous cross-cultural experiences/ languages, but also the unstable dysfunctions their families were surrounded with - that if left un-dealt with by the healing power of God, can resurface in the second generation, which they did - yet praise be to Jesus Christ, the blood of THE LAMB has redeemed what the enemy meant for evil!


In 1987 when Albert was serving in the Lebanese army trained by the American Marines, he had a shocking encounter with the Lord who asked him, "if you are killed right this instant, where will you go?" Albert's response was; "I know I will be going to hell".  At that moment he knew the Lord was telling him to end his service as a soldier in the corrupt war at the time, and serve Jesus Christ completely.  He began gathering in a Christian congregation, was baptized and was a part of evangelism outreaches all across the Beirut regions with other brothers in Christ.  They would share Bibles and tracts in neighborhoods and surrounding cities and connect new believers to local Christian churches.  

Only 6 months later it was Melodie in Argentina who had just begun working as the sole income earner for her family at the age of thirteen, who had a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ - her mother had left the COG group four years prior with her children convinced by a man she met in this group, that he would help keep her family intact since most homes including this one, were broken.

Only months into the initial change of living with this man, did everything unveil as a deception; this man had sneaked into this deceptive cult only with the intention to take advantage of this already divided home.  He had been a torturer for the corrupt Argentine military and for many more years he tortured this family and prohibited any mention of God or the Bible.

So in the middle of the nine dark years living with this criminal in her family and taught to call him: "Daddy", Melodie was changed by the love of God when one day she was on her way to work in 1988 and had a life-changing wonder shake her faith in Jesus Christ. She had not been praying or thinking of God for years since there was no concept, mention or permission of/ for God in the home, but that day she was compelled to speak to God in the bus she took to work daily:  Melodie cried out to the Lord for help surrounded by new pressures and responsibilities: "Jesus, I want to know You as You truly are, not the cult Jesus I heard of growing up.  Please reveal Yourself to me and help me earn the income today I need for my family".  That day the indescribable peace that flooded her soul was unbelievable and instead of only selling one or two ceramic items at the restaurant entrance where she displayed everything on a table, (bought by a local potter in Argentina) NEARLY ALL ITEMS WERE SOLD WITH HER POCKETS STUFFED WITH BILLS - it was the equivalent of gaining $80 instead of $8!!!  Melodie knew Jesus Christ was real and that He had heard her prayer and loved her in a deep personal way.  She never stopped praying to Him since that day at the age of thirteen, and found His comfort knowing she was never alone anymore, though the following four years carried great suffering.

Albert had experienced the deepest pain when his loving father had died suddenly of a heart attack when Albert was only 10 years old.  Jesus revealed Himself to Albert assuring him He would be His father, yet as a teen Albert wandered away from the ways of God.  He was mentored much by his Christian uncle who was a church elder preaching on a regular basis in the Beirut congregation.

Melodie and Albert were nearly the same age when their fathers were snatched out of their lives (Melodie was nine and Albert was ten).

The good role of a loving father or the lack thereof is the biggest reason for stability or chaos in society today.

When Albert was 20 years old attending a Christian seminary and gathered early in prayer with other believers, they began to sing: "Give me oil in my lamp keep me burning, give me oil in my lamp I pray...", a burning FIRE BAPTISM FILLED Albert's body causing fever and overwhelming heat - no one else in the group had experienced this, but he knew God was calling him to impact the nations as an Apostle, the way we see it with the Apostle Paul, but for the last days.  Albert's first reaction was: "Lord, how can this be possible, I hardly know anyone and I am living in a country invaded in war?"  The Lord assured him that in the right timing everything would come to pass.

Melodie was first exposed to war tensions in a nation, when she arrived Argentina during the war with England for the Falkland Islands in 1982 when she was eight years old - only French speaking was allowed among relatives in the initial months of arrival when in public.  She learned Spanish quickly in school with her brothers and even though the mother to her younger three brothers at the time, was from England, Melodie's father and mother were American, which is how she always has spoken English and was learning her fourth language in Brazil in the mid 80's at the age of eleven for several weeks.

It must be mentioned that it was in 1983 when the mother to Melodie's youngest brothers at the time, returned to England with her three sons (pregnant with the third) never to step foot in this cult again - the chaos all around affected her father months later leaving Argentina to live in Peru and Melodie's mother moving in with the person who would later be the father to Melodie's current youngest three siblings.

      For years Melodie lived the chaos of Argentina's skyrocket inflations where the price of essentials as bread would double daily.  For a short time at the age of 10 in the mid 80's she also lived with her family in the South American jungle using only boiled river water to drink, raising her newborn baby brother hours a day and her family traded clothes and shoes with local farmers for eggs and fresh milk.  

       In 1992 when Melodie was 17 years old, an entire escape from South America was planned by her mother who at the time was living in one of the three rotated locations the family called home.  Her mother had planned this escape to the USA with advise from a family who had had a deep impact in the life of one of her sons.  With the help of relatives and missionaries connected to relatives, Melodie's mother and family planned out every detail.  It was an escape because the person living the roll of Melodie's father for nine years in Argentina actually had ties to the corrupt government - if her family were to have chosen to remain in Argentina after escaping, their lives would have been in danger of kidnapping or death by him - his questioning and long-night torture and interrogation was a common family crime throughout the years, even during this planned escape when Melodie's mother was pregnant with the youngest child and needed to hide the pregnancy out of fear of more severe torture.

The final day of escape came, Melodie awoke first, grabbed the gun used against her and her family in several previous threatening occasions by this man whom she called "Daddy", wrote him a note while he was still asleep, and she woke her two brothers up, who then gave the gun to local police, and they three travelled then across the capital to meet their mother and youngest siblings waiting in the missionary home preparing for the following day's flight to USA with their new passports.  That next morning they each had their first hot shower in years since hot water was not a part of their many years living in poverty-striken conditions. The escape from Argentina was final in the airplane and in the air Melodie committed her life completely to honoring and serving Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior - so miraculous was the escape, that she was committed to obeying the will of the Lord for her.  In Miami Florida where more relatives were awaiting them - they drove the family to the new life and home waiting in Tennessee with her aunt where they lived for nine months before moving to Texas renting their own family home.


Adapting to society little by little was like a fairy tale dream, made real - during the three month of planing the escape as well as during the escape and after the escape, Melodie continually prayed to Jesus for help, and help she found.  One miracle after the other - so intense was her walk with God, that when she was crying with joy in the airplane she knew a committed heart to serving Jesus alone, was all she wanted in life.  Upon arrival, she began reading the Bible, making Christian friends, learning about the Christian life and evangelizing in the Children Christian Summer Camp as a counselor.

Both Albert and Melodie had experienced incredible traumatic exposures as children and had individually very profound encounters with the love of Jesus Christ in their personal life - but neither of the two were healed and whole enough to recognize the danger of the same devil trap created to destroy their missions and worship calling in the nations; the same exact trap in these two cases, were a pretending Christian enticing them into a false, evil and abusive marriage that would nearly end in death - Melodie in 2001 and Albert in 1994.

Both experienced the true healing of Jesus Christ while in immense suffering and praying and fasting for their abuser; Melodie with a dangerous man whom she experienced a miscarriage with and later got a protective order and name change as safe guard, and Albert with a woman who became an open atheist after being exposed to a long lived marital hidden affair even while raising their two young children of  five and eleven years old.  The mother to Albert's children is still living with this person and has committed more affairs even while married to the adulterer, refusing to turn to the love and purity of God.

Prayer and fasting for the healing and help of the the abusive spouse, was both a big part of Albert's first marriage and Melodie's first marriage and in both instances, it was the Lord who said to Albert and to Melodie after a specific time had gone by: "you will end up dead if you don't end this relation!!!".

Many years later and many testimonies later of lives touched by Jesus Christ in Albert and Melodie's separate stories, the Lord matched them together in His perfect time to impact the nations as one, united for His glory.

They were matched by the Lord in Paris and married in holy union on the CFNI Dallas campus on November 24 2018.

Only God could bring complete healing, restoration and impact to the nations from such stories that naturally would be anything but possible or normal.

They each preach, teach, interpret and sing in many languages as songwriters in worship and were ordained at Christ For The Nations Bible Institute in Dallas Texas where Melodie graduated from, with a Bachelor degree in Theology and served as the Literature Department Coordinator for half a decade and later served as France missionary for nearly seven years.  

They continue to minister online every Sunday in several languages and travel in ministry opportunities for missions and to preach in congregations or wherever the Lord opens opportunity doors in the nations.

They have seen the Great Commission fulfilled together at greater capacities in countries across the globe, combining their experiences to nearly fifty nations across five continents and it was in Paris France where God orchestrated their connection kingdom match in His perfect plan and time.

See their engagement story here or read it here.


Do you have a story to tell?  Let Jesus Christ write His love letter to you and through you every day on every page by surrendering EVERYTHING TO HIM :-)  

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